E-Commerce betreibende Unternehmen sollten den Fokus mehr auf Suchmaschinen- und E-Mail Marketing und weniger auf Social Media Marketing legen. Das ist zumindest das Ergebnis einer aktuellen Studie von Forrester, über die Mashable berichtet:

Ecommerce businesses should concentrate more of their efforts on traditional online marketing tactics like search and e-mail than social media. That’s the conclusion of a Forrester study released Tuesday, which examined 77,000 online transactions made between April 1 and April 14. The study found that less than 1% of them could be traced back to social networks like Facebook or Pinterest.

Laut der Studie ist E-Mail (wenig überraschend) der effektivste Kanal, um bestehende Kundenbeziehungen anzusprechen:

Following direct visits, organic search and paid search are the two biggest drivers of purchases from new customers, accounting for 39% of new customer transactions. That’s because the web continues to be a useful tool for what Forrester calls “spear fishers” — consumers who know what they are looking for and find it through search.

For repeat shoppers, e-mail is the most effective sales influencer: Nearly a third of purchases from repeat customers initiated with an e-mail. As such, businesses should up their efforts to collect e-mail addresses, and tailor their e-mail marketing messages to each recipients’ device and prior purchase behavior.

Mashable: Social Media Influences Less Than 1% of Online Purchases [STUDY]

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